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To get the number of subsets of size less than 2:

  • Total number of subsets of a set of size N is 2N
  • Total number of subsets of size 1 is 100
  • Total number of subsets of size 0 is 1
  • Total number of subsets of size 2 is 100*99/2 = 4950

Sum up: 100 + 1 + 4950 = 5051

Subtract this from total subsets: 2100 - 5051 (Answer)

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Q: How many subsets with more than two elements does a set with 100 elements have?
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What Is partitioning in math?

Partitioning is dividing a set of things into subsets such that the union of all the subsets is the original set and the intersection of any two subsets is the null set. That is, between them, the subsets account for the whole of the original set and there are no elements in more than one subset.

Can you relate the number of elements of a set to its number of subsets?

If the set has "n" elements, then you can make 2n different subsets. The number of subsets will always be greater than the size of the set, both for finite and for infinite sets.

How many subsets of a set with 100 elements have more than one element?

It is 2^100 because each of 100 elements can either be in or out. By the way the answer is 2^100-101, because there is one subset with no elements at all (the empty set)!

How does cardinality relates to number of subset of a set?

If a set has "n" elements, then it will have 2n subsets. This number of subsets is always larger than the number of elements - whether the set is finite or infinite.

If the given set A has n elements then set A has 2n subsets how many subsets are there in R equals even numbers less than 20?

Hi Suppose, I found that number of subsets of set S having n elements can be found by using formula 2^n, where n is number of elements of S. Let S(n) represents number of subsets of set S having n elements. S(n) = 2^n S(n+1) = 2^(n+1)

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