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Yes that about sums it up.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: Quadratic equation in standard form is written ax2 plus bx plus c equals 0 where a b and c are real numbers and a is not zero?
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How do you write equation in slope-intercept form of the ine that has a slope of -5 and a y-intercept of 2?


What is the equation 5x plus Y equals 7 written in slope intercept form?

It is: y = -5x+7

What is the written equation of a line in standard form that passes through the point 3 1 and is parallel to the line y 3x plus 4?

Assuming the equation of the given line is y = 3x + 4, its gradient is 3.Therefore the gradient of the required line is 3. The line passes through (3, 1) and so its equation is y - 1 = 3*(x - 3) = 3x - 9 So y = 3x - 8

Find the inercept of the line 3x-6y equals 12?

The standard equation of a straight line in the slope-intercept form is y = mx + c where m is the slope and c is the y intercept.3x - 6y = 12 can be re-written as 6y = 3x - 12 or y = 1/2x - 2.-2 is therefore the y intercept (this is when x = 0)The x intercept (when y = 0) can be obtained from the equation y = 1/2x - 2 : 0 = 1/2x - 2 : 1/2x = 2 : x = 4.

How do you find the y intercept in slope intercept form?

Definition of slope intercept form:The slope-intercept form is one way to write a linear equation (the equation of a line). The slope-intercept form is written as y = mx+b, where m is the slope and b is the y-intercept (the point where the line crosses the y-axis). It's usually easy to graph a line using y=mx+b. Other forms of linear equations are the standard form and the point-slope form.For example, if you have slope of 2 and points (4, 5) your equation will look like this:5=2x+bif x=4, you get 5=2(4)+bsolve for b: -3y=2x-3

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A quadratic equation in standard form is written?

ax2 + bx + c = 0

What is the quadratic function written as in standard from?

The quadratic equation, in its standard form is: ax2 + bx + c = 0 where a, b and c are constants and a is not zero.

A quadratic equation in standard form is written ax2 plus bx equals c where a b and c are real numbers and a is not zero?

false apex

What is the quadratic formula for?

The quadratic formula is used to solve the quadratic equation. Many equations in which the variable is squared can be written as a quadratic equation, and then solved with the quadratic formula.

What is the value of the coefficient b when the quadratic equation y equals 3x plus 2 2x - 1 is written in standard form?

it is 1

What has the author George E Forsythe written?

George E. Forsythe has written: 'What is a satisfactory quadratic equation solver?' 'Finite-difference methods for partial differential equations' 'How do you solve a quadratic equation?'

What is this quadratic equation written in standard formx2 - 3 -3x2 plus 8x?

Without an equality sign the given terms of an algebraic expression can't be classed as an equation and so therefore a solution is not possible.

What is this quadratic equation written in standard form ofx2 - 10x plus 16 equals -5?

It is: x2-10x+21 = 0 and the value of x is 3 or 7 when solved

What is this quadratic equation written in standard form of x2 - 2 equals -2x2 plus 5x?

It is: 3x2-5x-2 = 0 and the value of x is -1/3 or 2 when solved

How do you figure out if a quadratic equation is a perfect square?

There are many ways: one is to factorise. If the quadratic is written as ax2 + bx + c then, if b2 = 4ac, the quadratic is a perfect square. It is (x - b/2a)2

What are Numbers written without exponents?

Numbers written without exponents are called Standard Form.

The product of the page numbers on two facing pages of a book is 600 what are the numbers?

They are page numbers 24 and 25 . ( 24 x 25 = 600 ) The easiest way to solve this is by trial and error. Multiply two consecutive numbers; if the product is too low, try larger numbers, if it is too high, try smaller numbers. You can also write an equation and use the quadratic formula. The equation in this case is x(x+1) = 600. Re-written for use of the quadratic equation, it becomes x2 + x - 600 = 0. This will give you a positive and a negative solution; only the positive solution is sensible in this case.

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