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Area of a rectangular carpet = length x breadth = 5 x 2 = 10 sq ms

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therefore, 5 meters * 2 meters = 10 square meters which is the area of the carpet

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Q: The length of a carpet is 5 meters and the breadth is 2 metersFind the area of the carpet?
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If a rectangle has perimeter of 1.57 kilomteres its length is 168 meters what is breadth?

Perimeter = 2*(Length + Breadth) So, 1570 = 2*(168 + Breadth) 785 = 168 + Breadth Breadth = 617 metres Which is rather an unusual result because normally the length is greater than the breadth.

What is the yard's length and width if the perimeter is 24 meters and the area is 32 square meters?

length----8cm breadth---4cm

How do you work out the volume of a box in meters?

length by breadth by height in metres

The perimeter of a floor is 24 meters the length is twice that of the breadth find 1 the length and 2 the breadth?

2l+2w=24 l=2w 2(2w)+2w=24 4w+2w=24 6w=24 w=4 l=2w=2*4=8 Length is 8 meters, the width (or breadth) is 4 meters.

The perimeter of an area is 48 meters the length is twice that of the breadth find 1 the length and 2 the breadth?

2l+2w=48 l=2w 2(2w)+2w=48 4w+2w=48 6w=48 w=8 l=2*8=16 So, the length is 16 meters and the width (or breadth) is 8 meters.

What is the length of a rectangle with an area of 28.08 square meters if the width is 3.6 meters?

area=28.08 breadth[width]=3.6 length= a divided by b =28.08 divided by 3.6 = ................

The length and breadth of your classroom are 9 metere and 7metere calculate its area?

9*7 = 63 square meters

How to calculate the whole area of your house in meters square?

We can calculate the area by taking out the product of the length and the breadth of the house

How do you find the area of a rectangle in square meters?

length x width Example: A rectangle has a length of 24m and a width of 48m. What is its area? l x w= 24m(length) x 48m(width/breadth) = 1152m2 (meters squared)

A pool has a perimeter of 416 meters The length is 30 meters longer than the breadth What is the area of the pool?

P = 416 so L + B = 208. 208 - 30 = 178, half of 178 = 89 which is the breadth, making the length 119, so the area is 89 x 119 ie 10591 sqm.

How many square meters of carpet is 12.8 linear meters?

Give the length and width to calculate area: S = L x l

What are a carpet's dimensions if one side of the carpet is seven meters shorter than the length and the diagonal is one meter longer than the length?

12 meters long, 5 meters wide. Diagonal = 13 meters. Solve and prove with Pythagorean therum : 12 squared (144) + 5 squared (25) = 13 squared (169).

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