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This method is used if there are more than one angles to be measure from a certain station point. Consider the following fiqure, we will measure angles AOB and BOC using this method.

  • Setup the theodolite at station O, bisect the point A with a certain circle reading with face left.
  • Rotate the instrument in clockwise direction and bisect B, note the circle reading.
  • Then rotate and the telescope till it bisect the point C, note this circle reading also. All these reading will book into face left position.
  • Transit the telescope and rotate the instrument through 180°, this time bisect the point C firstly and then rotate telescope in anti clockwise direction towards B and then ultimately towards A. Put these readings in face right position.
  • You can do more than one sets of measurements for the accurate results, i have done one set and booking method is as follows,
Inst. StationStn. SightedFaceCircle reading(° ′ ″)Mean of faces(′ ″)Angle value(° ′ ″)OAL10 20 5020 60AOB37 10 05

R190 20 07

BL47 30 1030 11

R227 30 12BOC41 10 14

CL88 40 2040 25

R268 40 30

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Q: To measure a horizontal angle by reiteration method?
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the special type of theodolite used to measure horizontal and vertical distance and horizontal angle.

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20 degrees is a measure of angular displacement. This cannot be converted to lateral (horizontal) displacement.

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For certain angles, the answer is yes. For 30o to the horizontal (in the positive x direction), you need to measure the horizontal distance to be twice the vertical distance. For example, draw a triangle with a base length of 10cm and, at a right angle to the base, measure a height of 5cm. The angle to the horizontal (the smaller angle) will be 30o. (The opposite is true for the angle of 60o).

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