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The answer depends on the Venn diagram.

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Q: What does a b means in shade venn diagram?
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What does a-b means in venn diagram?

The answer depends on the Venn diagram.

How do you make venn diagram using A union and B?

how to make venn diagram in union

A venn diagram a compliment union b compliment?

A venn diagram a compliment union b compliment is only the shaded region of both B and sample

What part of a two-circle Venn diagram is shaded when representing an OR function?

In a two part Venn diagram of an or function the center intersection would have to be shaded. This is because you result can be A or B.

What is the venn diagram of a union b union c?

Venn diagram is represented with the help of circles. Union of a, b and c is shown by the three fully shaded somewhat overlapped circles. Result will be the elements that is in all three sets(a,b,c).

What is the formula for a Venn Diagram?

A or B or C = A + B + C - A and B - A and C - B and C - 2 (A and B and C) I'm not sure by the way;

How do you draw a Venn diagram to the probability of two independent events a and b?

the circles do not overlap at all.

How do you make equivalent logical ckt from venn diagram?

A Venn diagram contains three different types of regions...areas of non-intersection, areas of intersection, and the area which is neither. The areas of intersection are logically equivalent to the AND function. The areas that aren't inside any of the circles are logically equivalent to the NOT OR (NOR) function. The areas in a single circle only use a the NOT and AND functions. For example, if you have a Venn diagram of the set {0-9} showing two circles A and B which have intersection elements {4,8}, and the elements of A={1,2,4,5,6,8}, the elements of B = {3,4,7,8}, and the elements {0,9} are outside of both circles: A OR A = A = {1,2,4,5,6,8} B OR B = B = {3,4,7,8} A AND B = {4,8} NOT (A OR B) = {0,9} A NOT B = A AND (NOT B) = {1,2,5,6} B NOT A = B AND (NOT A) = {3,7}

What are the differences between outer and inner join stacks in computer science?

Assuming you're joining on columns with no duplicates, which is by far the most common case; An inner join of A and B gives the result of A intersect B, i.e. the inner part of a venn diagram intersection. Wheres as an outer join of A and B gives the results of A union B, i.e. the outer parts of a venn diagram union.

Draw a Venn diagram to test the argument form below for validity. Write "valid" or "invalid" next to the diagram to indicate the result of your test.All D are C. All C are B. So, No D are B?


What are the four basic operation of venn diagram?

The four basic operations for sets A and B, in the universal set U are:Union (A or B)Intersection (A and B)Symmetric Difference (A or B but not both)Complement (not A - relative to U).

How do you work a venn diagram when the questions use the word or?

Take 2 overlapping circles representing a and b. The overlapping part is "and". The 2 parts not overlapping are a "or" b but not both. The 3 parts are a "or" b "or" both.