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it may be a cylender....

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2009-05-18 10:34:43
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Q: What is a circle flattened at the top and bottom called?
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Can a circle be inscribed in a rectangle?

Yes! It can(: you draw the circle in the rectangle with its top and bottom touching the top and bottom sides of the rectangle

Is the bottom of the earth the Arctic Circle?

"Top" and "bottom" are imprecise terms when describing a globe, but we conventionally think of the Arctic Circle as being at the top.

What shape is the top and the bottom of a cylinder?

A circle

Why is the Arctic Circle called the top of the world and the Antarctic is the bottom?

The circles are named after the polar environments closest to them.

What is the flattened top part of the pistil called?

The flattened top part of the pistil is called the stigma. The stigma is the place where pollen germates. This makes it possible for the flower to be fertalized so that it can reproduce.

Why is the top and bottom of a cylinder a circle?

because the flat side of a cone is a circle.

Is the antarctic circle at the top of the globe or bottom?

That depends on how your globe is mounted. Either way, the Antarctic Circle is in the southern half of it, whether that's on the top or bottom.

Does a cylinder have three faces?

No a cylinder only has 2 faces, the top circle and the bottom circle. If you are confused look at a soda can, the top of the soda can and the bottom of the soda can are your 2 faces.

What is the name of the top of a tomato and what is the name of the bottom of a tomato?

The top is called the stem end and the bottom is called the bottom.

How do you draw cylinder?

first you draw a circle and the one line at the top and the bottom and then another circle (this way is laying down) draw a very thin circle at the top and then you draw one line on each side and the do sort-of a round half- of-a circle on the bottom

If a square is inside a circle and you know the area of the square how do you find the diameter of circle?

Measure the distance from top left corner of square (or top right) to the bottom right corner of square( or bottom left) to get the diameter of the circle. Then calculate the circumference from that figure.

Name 20 objects that represent circle?

bottom of a bowl, a ball, a drinking cup top and bottom, a circle block, a head, tennis ball, soccer ball, basketball, heel of foot, bottom of toes, dell circle on a computer, circle picture, top and bottom of pipes, a circle, a zero as a number, o as a letter, inside of a Q, inside of a letter d, inside a letter b. that is 20 circles

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