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a rectangle with a perimeter off 22 inches

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Q: What is area if perimeter is 22?
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What is the area and perimeter of 22 feet wide and 9feet long?

Area = 22*9 = 198 square feet Perimeter = 22+22+9+9 = 62 feet

Do you multiply or add on perimeter?

Multiply for the area, add for the perimeter.

Can a rectangle have a smaller perimeter and also a greater area?

Yes. For instance, the rectangle measuring 1 by 10 has a perimeter of 22 and an area of 10, whereas the rectangle measuring 4 by 4 has a perimeter of 16 and an area of 16.

How would doubling the dimensions effect a parallelogram in perimeter and area?

When all of the linear dimensions are doubled . . .-- the perimeter is also doubled-- the area is multiplied by 22 = 4.

Need a rectangle with a area greater than 30 and a perimeter of 22?


If a perimeter is 22 ft what is rectangle with an area larger than 30?


Can a rectangle have an area of 10 cm2 and a perimeter of 22 cm?


What is the perimeter of a rectangle when the area of a rectangle 22?

The area of a rectangle is not sufficient to determine its shape and therefore its perimeter. For example, each of the following rectangles has an area of 22 square units. But the perimeter, P, varies considerably. sqrt(22)*sqrt(22) : P = 4*sqrt(22) 2*11 : P = 26 1*22 : P = 46 0.1*220 : P = 440.2 0.01*2200 : P = 4400.02 0.001*22000 : P = 44000.002 As you may begin to see, there is no limit to the perimeter.

Does a shape with a smaller perimeter always have a smaller area?

No. Consider two rectangles: 1 x 10 and 4 x 5 The 1 x 10 has a perimeter of 22 and an area of 10 The 4 x 5 has a perimeter of 18 and an area of 20 Smaller perimeter, twice the area.

If the area is 10 x 1 what is the perimeter?


How do you draw a rectangle with an area of 18 square cetimeters and a perimeter of 22 centimeters?


What shapes can you make with the area of 24 and perimeter of 22?

A 3 x 8 rectangle

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