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Perimeter = 2*(7+9) = 32 units.

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Q: What is the perimeter of a rectangle with a length of 7 units and a width of 9 units?
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What is the perimeter of 1000 width 2000 length?

The perimeter of a rectangle having 1,000 units of width and 2,000 units of length is 6,000 units

What is the length of a rectangle when the perimeter is 60 and the length is twice the width?

The length is 20 units and the width is 10 units

When The width of a rectangle is 3 more than twice its length. The perimeter is 60 feet. Find the width and length of the rectangle.?

The dimensions of the rectangle are 21 units by 9 units

What would the length and width be of an area of 12 and perimeter of 16?

It could be rectangle that has a length of 6 units and a width of 2 units.

What is shape if perimeter is 16 and area is 15?

This is a rectangle with length 5 units and width 3 units. The area = length x width = 5 x 3 = 15 sq units. The perimeter = 2 x (length + width) = 2 x 8 = 16 units.

The perimeter of the rectangle is 18 and the area is 20 what is the length?

Its length could be 5 units and its width 4 units.

What is a perimeter of a recangular?

Perimeter is Length + width x 2 or Length + length + width + width. This is perimeter for any shape including a rectangle. Perimeter of a rectangle is all sides added together for a rectangle.

The length of a rectangle is twice the width width the perimeter is 48 in find the dimensions of the rectangle?

If the length of a rectangle is twice its width and it has a perimeter of 48, then the rectangle is 16 in length and 8 in width.

How can you get the width when you have the perimeter and the length?

If the shape is a rectangle, then Perimeter = 2(Length + Width) So Width = Perimeter/2 - Length

What has the greater perimeter a square with side eight units or rectangle with length 14 units and width two units?

They will be both the same because the perimeter of the square is 32 units and the perimeter of the rectangle is also 32 units

The width of a rectangle is one half its length The perimeter of the rectangle is 54cm What are the width and length of the rectangle?

The length of the rectangle is 18cm. The width of the rectangle is 9cm.

What are the side lengths of a rectangle with an area of 36 and a perimeter of 40?

Length of rectangle is 18 units and its width is 2 units

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