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Probability of pass on second attempt is 40% x 80% = 32%

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Q: 60 percent pass the 1st time and 40 percent fail 2nd time around 80 percent pass and 20 percent fail 3rd time 90 percent pass and 10 percent fail what is the probability you pass on the 2nd time?
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Probability that you pass English is 50 percent and the probability that you pass history is 40 percent the probability that you pass both is 30 percent What is the probability that you pass English?

Refer back to the first clause. The answer is 50 per cent!

The probability that Luis will pass his statistics test is 0.33 Find the probability that he will fail his statistics test?

Since Luis can only pass or fail his test, and we know that the probability of all possible outcomes is 1, we therefore see that P(Pass) + P(Fail) = 1*where P(X) = the probability of event X*So if P(Pass) = .33;then P(Fail) = 1 - P(Pass)= 1 - .33= .66 (or 66% chance that Luis will fail)

What is the probability that 8 of the next ten who take the exam pass when the chance for passing is 97 percent?

Probability(8 out of 10 pass) = Prob(8 pass and 2 Fail) = (No of ways of selecting 8 out of 10)*0.978*0.032 = 45*0.978*0.032 = 0.0317

In a music exam you can get a pass and what else?

You can fail, pass, pass with credit, pass with distinction or 100 percent

Is 60 percent a fail or pass?

You barely passed, you have a D.

What percent do you have to get to pass your permit test?

You need a 24 out of 30 to pass if you get 23 or lower you fail.

Is 70 percent pass or fail?

depends who sets the 'pass level' and maybe what the subject is. 70% sounds high enough to pass though

50 percent makrs is required to pass in each test you want the formula of pass or fail for using if function?

Say the mark is in cell B3, then the function would be as follows: =IF(B3>=50,"Pass","Fail")

How do you pass the SASSI evaluation?

The SASSI is not actually a pass/fail test. It is a screening questionnaire for identifying people with a high probability of having a substance dependence disorder.Supervisors: Please do not change or unprotect this answer.

Did Obama fail or pass?


How do you Change fail into pass?

well it depends what kind of fail and pass you mean if you fail a test for example study and retake it and you might pass

What is an example of calculating a percent abundance?

after inspection of fabric based on 4 point system how to calculate the % of fabric pass or fail