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Q: Can you accurately find a diagonal distance on a grid by only counting the grids between them?
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What is the diagonal of the square?

It is the distance between opposite corners and it can be worked by using Pythagoras' theorem.

How do you work out diagonal of a square?

It is the longest distance between two opposite corners of the square and it is possible to use Pythagoras' theorem to find the length of the diagonal

What is the minimum distance between two tetrahedral voids in face centered cubic?

The distance between two tetrahedral voids is 0.866*edge length of the cube.As tetrahedral voids are present at 1/4th of the distance from each corner on a body diagonal of a cube.On each body diagonal there are two tetrahedral voids so making a total of 8 tetrahedral voids in an FCC cube. the distance between two tetrahedral voids is half of the body diagonal of a cube and the body diagonal of a cube is1.732 times of the edge length of the cube

What do scientists use to accurately measure the distance between the earth and the moon?

a stick.

Find the distance between the points 2 2 and 6 2?

The answer will be the diagonal (hypotenuse) for a horizontal distance x2-x1 and a vertical distance y2-y1 . The square root of the squares gives the diagonal (hypotenuse). In this case, the y difference is 0, so the distance is simply the x change of 4.

How do you determine monitor size?

Monitor size or Screen size is determined by the diagonal distance between two Corners.

What is the distance between point 4 5 and point 1 1?

The distance is 5. The x distance is 3, the y distance is 4, and the diagonal issqrt(32 + 42) = sqrt (9 + 16) = sqrt 25 = 5

How do you find the distance between the corner and the center of a rhombus?

You must know something else. Like an angle. Or coordinates of the vertices on an x-y plane. And, of course the length of a side. If you know an angle, then you know them all, adjacent angles are supplementary. use law of cosines to find the length of a diagonal. 1/2 of the diagonal is the distance to the opposite vertices. Use law of cosines with the adjacent angle to find the length of the 2nd diagonal. 1/2 of this 2nd diagonal is the distance from the center to the other two vertices.

How do you calculate diagonal in a hexagon when distance between two corners are given?

Example: 3/4 = .750 .750 x 1.1547 = .8660

At what distance be human eye placed from TV set?

Between three and four times the diagonal width of the screen (which is the manufacturer's size measurement).

How can you find the distance between two integers using the difference?

The distance between two integers is the difference.

What is Distance between Delhi and Kolkata by air?

Its accurately measured as the leakage of information , deliberate attempt to talk, and manipulation. It depends on how you comprehend the distance and how the person whom it is meant does.