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A projectile (shot from a cannon, for instance) will fly in a curved line and land on the ground, due to the attraction of the Earth's gravity. Snipers have to allow for this curvature effect, and also the side pressure from any wind.

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Q: Do projectiles move in a straight line?
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True or false Because of earths gravitational pull and their own inertia projectiles travel in a straight path?

False. Projectiles do not travel in a straight path due to the combined effects of gravity and inertia. Gravity causes projectiles to follow a curved path while inertia causes them to maintain their forward motion. This results in a curved trajectory known as a parabola.

Which would be the best that describes why projectiles move in a curved path?

Projectiles move in a curved path due to a combination of their initial velocity and the acceleration due to gravity. Gravity continuously acts on the projectile, causing it to follow a parabolic trajectory, even if it was given an initial velocity in a straight line.

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Objects will continue to move in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. This is known as Newton's First Law of Motion. When no other forces are present to change an object's motion, it will continue moving in a straight line at a constant speed.

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Yes, sound waves can move in a straight line. When sound waves propagate through a uniform medium, they usually travel in a straight line until they encounter an obstacle or medium that causes them to reflect, refract, or diffract.

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Its inertia.

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In a theory, it's possible to move any object in a straight line of motion, but in real life, it's physically impossible.

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