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No, it does not.

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2014-05-22 14:05:38
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Q: Does tangent of x equal cosine divided by sine?
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How does the tangent function relate to sine and cosine?

Tangent = sine/cosine provided that cosine is non-zero. When cosine is 0, then tangent is undefined.

Sine divided by cosine?

Trig identity... sin/cos = tangent

What is the equation for finding the sine and cosine and tangent of a triangle?

For finding the angles in a right angled triangle the ratios are: sine = opposite divided by the hypotenuse cosine = adjacent divided by the hypotenuse tangent = opposite divided by the adjacent

1 minus 2 cosine squared divided by sine cosine is equal to tangent minus cotangent?

No, it is not. To be correct, the expression requires parenthesis, which are missing.

How is tangent defined?

The tangent of an angle theta is defined as sine(theta) divided by cosine(theta). Since the sine and cosine are Y and X on the unit circle, then tangent(theta) is Y divided by X. The tangent of a function at a point is the line going through that point which has slope equal to the first deriviative of the function at that point.

How do you find sine cosine and tangent of 210 degrees?

Sine = -0.5 Cosine = -0.866 Tangent = 0.577

Why is the tangent positive on quadrant III?

The tangent function is equal to the sine divided by the cosine. In quadrant III, both sin and cos are negative - and a negative divided by another negative is positive. Thus it follows that the tangent is positive in QIII.

Do you need a right traingle to use sine cosine and tangent?

Yes, sine, cosine, tangent definitions are based on right triangles

What is the relationship between the tan and cot?

Cotangent is 1 / tangent. Since tangent is sine / cosine, cotangent is cosine / sine.

Is tangent sine divided by cosine?

Yes, except at odd multiples of pi/2 radians, where the cosine is zero so that the division is not defined.

How do you spell tangent?

That is the correct spelling of "tangent" (intersecting at one point, or sine divided by cosine, or opposite side over adjacent side).

The laws of sine cosine and tangent are used where?

in trigonometry

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