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If the two equations are linear transformations of one another they have the same solution.

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Q: How can you tell that an equation has the same solution as the original equation?
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What does solving the equation for a line tell us?

A line is represented by an equation. Each solution of the equation is a point on the line, and each point on the line is a solution to the equation. So the line is just the graph of the solution set of the equation.

How can you tell if a point is a solution to the equation?

Substitute the coordinates of the point into the equation and if the result is a true statement then the point is a solution, and if not it isn't.

How can one tell when a math problem has no solution?

Depends on the type of math problem. there's usually an equation to see if there is a solution or not.

How do you know when an equation has no solution?

when you're really good in that kind of equation, but cannot, no matter what u do, CANNOT figure it out! when you look it up and can't find the answer in the back of the book. It depends on what kind of problem it is.

How do you tell if two linear equation have more then one solution?

by when you cancelled the variables and the two numbers left are equal. ex.5=5, is a many solution equation, in the other hand if is like this 6=5, is a no solution.

Is 4x2x a linear equation?

Difficult to tell because of problems with the browser. 4x = 2x IS a linear equation whose solution is x = 0

How can you tell if an equation has at most one solution without solving it?

You can be certain if the equation is linear, that is, of the form ax + b = 0 where a and b are constants.

How do you solve an equation using addition and multiplication principles?

The exact procedure to use can only be decided after you examine the equation. Different equations are attacked in different ways. All I can tell you in general is: Whatever you do to one side of the equation, you must immediately do the same to the other side. Follow this rule enough times, and you'll eventually be looking at the equation's solution.

How can you tell immediately that abs 5x-2 equals -12 has no solution?

you can't. x=-2 if that equation is true

What is a proof in calculus?

A proof in calculus is when it will make a statement, such as: If y=cos3x, then y'''=18sin3x. Then it will tell you to do a proof. This means you have to solve the equation step by step, coming to the solution, which should be the same as in the statement. If you do come to the same answer as in the statement, then you just correctly did a calculus proof.

Can you explain why the equation 4x plus 3 equals 4x plus 1 has no solution?

The trivial answer is: Because there is no possible number that 'x' can beand make the equation a true statement.If the equation is true ... if the left side is actually equal to the right side ...then it must still be true after we subtract the same thing from both sides.Let us subtract 4x from both sides. Then we have 3 = 1 .That statement is clearly not true. So there's no way for the original equationto be true, regardless of what number you tell 'x' to be.

What happens as the value of n increases and the probability of success remains the same?

It depends on your equation. Your equation will tell the proportionallity and then will we be able to tell what will happen to the other variables and or just one variable.