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a2 + 2a - 3 = 0

(a + 3)(a - 1)

a = - 3

a = 1

Simple factoring where you ask yourself; what two factors of - 3 add up to 2?

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Q: How do you solve the math problem a squared plus 2a minus 3 equals 0?
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How do you solve 16t squared minus 9 equals 0?

Solve this problem -x squared -40x- 80 =0

How do you solve X squared minus four for x equals 3?

Your Problem: X - 4 = ?Current Problem: 3 [squared] - 4 = ?How: When a numbered is squared, it means you multiply it against itself. So, 3 squared equals 3x3.3x3 = 9So, you would then take 9 and minus it by 4, which would than equal 5.Answer:3 [squared] - 4 = 5or9 - 4 = 5

How do you solve 0 equals x squared minus ten x plus 16?

Solve using the quadratic formula

Can you solve x squared minus six plus five equals zero?


How do you solve x squared minus 10 equals 0?

If x squared -10 = 0 then x = the square root of 10

X squared plus y squared minus 1 all cubed then minus the product of x squared times y cubed that all equals 0 How do you solve for y?

You have to put your heart into it!

How do you solve 5x-to-the-4th minus 483x-cubed plus 94x-squared plus 126x minus 18 equals 0?


How do you solve this a squared minus b squared plus ac minus bc?


How do you solve 3x squared plus 5x minus 25 equals 0?

x = 25 / 3squared + 5

How do you solve x squared minus x minus twelve by Euclid?

Without an "equals" word or sign somewhere, there is nothing to solve.You only have an expression, not an equation.

How would you solve x squared minus two x minus three equals zero?

That factors to (x + 1)(x - 3) x = -1, 3

How do you solve x squared minus ten x plus six equals zero?

It can be solved by using the quadratic equation formula.