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Solve this problem -x squared -40x- 80 =0

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Q: How do you solve 16t squared minus 9 equals 0?
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How do you solve 0 equals -16t squared plus 25t plus 6?

oh my god, that was the exact homework i had few days ago, but you have to have a calculator to do this. just plug in the numbers in the but ton Y=, one column you put-16t squared plus 25t plus 6 then the next column you put 0. the graph should form a parabola.

What is S equals vt-16t2 and solve for v?

S=vt-16t2 solve for v is what I will assume you mean. first pull out the t S=t(v-16t) then devide by t S/t=v-16t Then add 16t to both sides S/t + 16t = v This can also be written as (S+16t2)/t = v

16t plus 7 equals 19t plus 10?

16t plus 7 equals 19t plus 10. 16t+7=19t+10. Subtract 16t and 10 from both sides. -3=3t -1=t

Is 16T equals 1 cup?

0.37 cup

Is the equation d equals -16t linear?


How can you solve this problem 100t-16t exponent 2 equals 0?

100t -16t2 = 0 t4(25-4t) = 0 t = 0 or t = 25/4

H equals 16t2 plus 64t?

16t(t + 4) is the factorization Usually it's set = to 0 16t (t+4) =0 So, either 16t = 0 or t + 4 = 0 t = 0 or t = -4

What is the solution to t2-16t plus 65 equals 0?

It has no solutions because the discriminant of b2-4ac is less than zero

How do you simplify the square root of 16t?

รขห†ลก (16t) =√ 16*√ t = 4*√ t

A ring is thrown straight down into the water below from a 200 foot high bridge Its height h above the water t seconds after being thown is given by the equation h equals -16t2-80t plus 200 Sove?

h=-16t^2-80t+200 200=-16t^2-80t+200 200-200=-16t^2-80t+200=200 0=-16t^2-80t 0=-16t(t+5) 0=-16t OR 0=t+5 t=0 OR t=-5 put the answers back into the original equations to see which one(s) work, and next time, ask your teacher or prof. for help on your physics/calc hw.

How far with a rock fall in the first second if the distance d feet the rock falls in a time t seconds is given by d equals 16tยฒ?

d = 16t² t = 1 s → d = 16 × 1² = 16 × 1 = 16 ft

How do you solve 9tยณ equals 16t?

You could divide each side by 't' to get 9t2=16 , then divide each side by 9 to get t2=16/9 , then take the square root of each side to get t=(plus or minus) 9 . That would give you two of the three solutions that you know a 3rd degree equation must have. You could look back at your original equation, scratch your chin for a moment, and realize that t=0 is also a solution.

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