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Rewrite equation as:


So you need two numbers that:

multiply to -42 and

add to -1

Those two numbers are: -7 and 6

so to factor you get:


y=7 y=-6

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Q: How do you solve the quadratic equation 42 equals y2-y by factoring?
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Y equals b plus x plus x2?

y=b+x+x^2 This is a quadratic equation. The graph is a parabola. The quadratic equation formula or factoring can be used to solve this.

What does quadratic equations using the factoring method means?

It means you are required to "solve" a quadratic equation by factorising the quadratic equation into two binomial expressions. Solving means to find the value(s) of the variable for which the expression equals zero.

Solve the quadratic equation using factoring 9x2 - 16 equals 0?

(3x+4)(3x-4)=0 x=±4/3

Which of the following are techniques you have learned so far to solve a quadratic equation?

Solve by factoring. Solve by taking the square root of both sides.

What makes a quadratic equation?

When the equation is a polynomial whose highest order (power) is 2. Eg. y= x2 + 2x + 10. Then you can use quadratic formula to solve if factoring is not possible.

What is the solution to 4 equals 2b plus b squared?

To find the solution to this equation, you need to rearrange the terms and solve for the variable. 4 = 2b + b^2 can be rewritten as b^2 + 2b - 4 = 0. You can then solve this quadratic equation by factoring, completing the square, or using the quadratic formula.

Solve the quadratic equation y2-15 equals 0?


Name four ways to solve a quadraic equation?

Four? Factoring Graphing Quadratic Equation Completing the Square There may be more, but there's at least four.

What equation could you use to solve o equals 4x2-3x-2?

Quadratic equation formula

Solve this quadratic equation x2 plus 2x - 22 equals 0?

Using the quadratic equation formula:- x = 3.795831523 or x = -5.795831523

How do you solve 4x2 minus 30x plus 45 by factoring?

The discriminant for the quadratic is b2-4ac = 302 - 4*4*45 = 900 - 720 = 180 Since 180 is not a perfect square, the roots of the equation are irrational and it is far from straightforward to solve such an equation by factoring.

How do you solve the equation 7r2 equals 70r-175?

7r2 = 70r-175 Rearrange the equation and treat it as a quadratic equation: 7r2-70r+175 = 0 Divide all terms by 7: r2-10+25 = 0 Solve by factoring or using the quadratic equation formula or by completing the square: (r-5)(r-5) x = 5 and x also = 5 (they both have equal roots)