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because when you multiply by 2 you are just doubling the number being multiplied by two.

example: 5x2=10 5+5=10

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Q: How does adding doubles help you multiply by two?
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How can adding doubles help you to multiply by2?

Doubling is the same as multiplying by two. The two actions are the same.

How can adding doubles help you multiply by 2?

Anything times two equals the thing added to itself. 33 x 2 = 33 + 33

How do you work out 5x 2?

you multiply 5 by 2 which is ten or you think of adding 5 two's or adding 2 fives.

What two numbers you multiply you get 12 and when adding you get -16?


What happens to the circumference of a circle if you multiply the diameter by two?

The circumference also doubles.

Multiply a number by 2 to get the same answer as adding a....?

Multiplying by two is the same thing as adding the number to itsself again. 2 (4) = 4 + 4

Why you should know to get the LCM of two or more numbers?

It will help when you are adding and subtracting fractions.

Why is adding repeatitivly adding the same as multiplying?

Because, if you want to multiply say 2*4=8 that is the same as doing 4+4=8 or 4 two times. It's the same with all numbers!

What are two numbers that multiply to -90 and add up to -10?


What is the rule for adding two numbers whose numbers are alike?

Multiply it by 2 as for example 3+3 = 6 which is the same as 2*3 = 6

How was the roman society able to add subtract multiply and divide?

For dividing they spelled it out for example, two-sevenths was "duae septimae" and three-eighths was "tres octavae." For multiplying they put horizontal a dash or line over the numeral and multiply by a thousand ...... I believed there was nor subtracting or adding just adding on or taking off numerals.

How do you add A percent to B?

if you mean adding two percents to each other just move the decimal point on both two places to the right, then add them together and multiply the sum by 100