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Q: How many different values can a bit have?
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How many different values can be stored in 1 bit?

0 o 1

How many different values can 1 bit represent?

Two: '0' or '1'

How many different values can be represented by 4 binary digits?

24, or 16 (0 through 15) One binary digit (bit) can have 21 values (0 or 1). Two bits can have 22 values. Three bits can have 23 values. A five-bit number can have 25 values... and so on...

How many different values can 128 bits represent?

A 128-bit register can store 2 128th (over 3.40 × 10 38th) different values. The range of integer values that can be stored in 128 bits depends on the integer representation used.

How many levels of amplitude does a 4-bit sound allow?

A 4-bit sound allows for 2^4 = 16 levels of amplitude. This means that the sound can represent 16 different discrete values of amplitude.

What is the largest number that can be represented by a single bit in binary?

1. A single bit can represent two different values, 0 and 1. Then simply take the largest of those two possible values, 1, and that's your answer.

How many levels for amplitude values a 8-bit sound allows?

An 8-bit sound allows for 256 different levels of amplitude values. This means that the amplitude range can be divided into 256 discrete steps, providing a level of precision in representing sound intensity.

6 How many values does a binary digit bit have?

It can have 0 to 1 It can have 0 to 1

How many different values can be stored in 16 bits?


What is the constant term in the equation y equals 4x-5?


How many bit strings of length 10 both begin and end with one?

Since there are 8 bits in between, and they can assume any of the two values (0 or 1), that results in a total of 28 different combinations.

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