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What is the term for the set of all points in a plane that are the same distance from a given point

Is it possible for two skew lines to be perpendicular

What is the definition of a parallel line

In logical mathematics there are two examples I present first Roses are flowerssecond Red roses are flowers what do you cll the first and second statement

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Q: Is this statement true or falseA biconditional statement combines a conditional statement with its contrapositive.?
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A biconditional statement combines a conditional statement with its contrapositive. T or F?


What is a true statement that combines a true conditional statement and its true converse?

always true

What is a true statement that combines a true conditional statement and is its true converse?

always true

What is a contra positive statement?

Conditional statements are also called "if-then" statements.One example: "If it snows, then they cancel school."The converse of that statement is "If they cancel school, then it snows."The inverse of that statement is "If it does not snow, then they do not cancel school.The contrapositive combines the two: "If they do not cancel school, then it does not snow."In mathematics:Statement: If p, then q.Converse: If q, then p.Inverse: If not p, then not q.Contrapositive: If not q, then not p.If the statement is true, then the contrapositive is also logically true. If the converse is true, then the inverse is also logically true.

What statement describes a chemical property of bromine?

bromine combines with aluminum to produce AlBr3.

What is the difference between blocks and compound statements?

A compound statement is a single statement which combines the work of multiple individual statements. A block is a collection of individual statements. Block: ++i; x = i; Compound statement: x = ++i;

Which statement describes the first chemical reaction in the Krebs cycle?

Acetyl CoA combines with a 4-carbon compound to form citric acid. Citric acidCitric acid

The mixed economy is the best of all the market systems because it combines the strengths of the free market and the command economies. Do you agree with this statement?

well i need help on finding out which ecosystem is the best?

What combines easily with hydrogen ions?

Bases combines easily with hydrogen atoms

What combines with a phosphate group to form ATP?

combines with p to form atp

What is the formula when silver combines with nitrogen?

The formula when silver combines with nitrogen is AgN.

A mixed economy combines combines elements of which two elements?

Market and command

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