Is 17 relatively prime

Updated: 9/25/2023
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To be relatively prime requires another number, and the highest common factor between 17 and that number must be 1.

17 is relatively prime to all numbers which are not multiples of 17 (since 17 is a Prime number).

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Q: Is 17 relatively prime
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Are 13 and 17 relatively prime?

Yes, 13 and 17 are relatively prime.

Are 17 and 68 relatively prime?

17 and 68 are not relatively prime because they have 17 as a common factor.

Why is 17 relatively prime with 21?

Yes, they are relatively prime.

Are 17 and 39 relatively prime?

Yes, they are relatively prime.

Are 11 and 17 relatively prime?


Are 17 and 21 relatively prime numbers?


Is 180 a relatively prime number?

In order to determine if something is relatively prime, you must have something to compare it to. 180 is relatively prime to, say, 17, but not to 3. This is because 180 does not share any factors with 17, but it does share factors with 3 (namely, 3). (This does not take into consideration the factor 1)

What makes two or more numbers relatively prime?

Two numbers are relatively prime if the only factor they have in common is 1. Example: 12 and 17 are relatively prime because they have only 1 as a common factor. 12 and 21 are not relatively prime because they have 1 and 3 as common factors.

Are 374 and 17 relatively prime?

No. They both have 17 as a prime factor - 374 = 2 x 11 x 17

Least common multiple for 7 and 17?

7 and 17 are both primes numbers. The means that to find the LCM we need multiply them. The LCM of 7 and 17 is 7x17 which is 119. If two numbers are prime, then they are also relatively prime and in general the way to find the LCM of relatively prime number is to multiply them together.

Are 17 and 45 relatively prime?

HELL NAW even if you're old srry

Are 27 and 117 relatively prime?

No, they are not relatively prime.