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Yes it is, two radii make up the dimater of a circle. :)

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Q: Is a diameter made up of any two radii?
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What will be the diameter of a hexagon be with 16 inch sides?

The diameter of a hexagon will be any segment that joins two vertices of the hexagon and passes through its center. Since each of the angles of a hexagon is 120 degrees, than any triangle, which is formed by one side of the triangle and two radii, is an equilateral triangle, and so the lengths of radii are also 16 inches. Thus, the diameter (the sum of two radii) is 32 inches.

How do the lengths of two radii of the same circle compare?

The sum of two radii of a circle is the same as the diameter of the circle.

How many radii does a chord have?

NoneAdditional Information:-Unless it is the diameter of the circle which is its the largest chord then it will have a length equal to two radii (but the chord itself has no radii).

Do two radii equal one diameter?

Yes. D = 2R

What is the length of the segment connecting two radii in a circle?

The diameter STUPID!

Radius of a circle is 8 inches how do you find the diameter?

Think of a diameter as two radii in a straight line...

When an arc is combined with two radii what is the shape that is made?

The shape made inside a circle by an arc and two radii is a sector.

Does two radii equal one diameter?

That's right. In a circle, the length of a diameter will be the same as twice the length of a radius.

How do you find the diameter of a circle when you know it's radius?

The radius is exactly half of the diameter. Two radii (plural for radius) smushed together gives you the diameter.

What is the answer to the diameters equals 11 cm what would the radius be?

Is the diameter of a circle was 11cm the radius would be 5.5cm as two radii equals a diameter.

Does two diameter make a radius?

No, 2 radii makes a diameter, because the diameter is the line which goes across the circle and exactly in the middle, and radius is the line from the circumference to the center. So r/2 = d

Do two radii make a diameter?

Only if they are placed in such a way as to make a straight line ,i.e., they should be placed at 180 degrees to each other.