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By definition, infinity is not and does not have a limit. It is value which mathematicians have created to represent something too extensively large for the human mind to comprehend.

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Q: Is infinity a limit
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Can infinity be a limit?

No, because infinity has no limit.

What is the limit of 2 to the power of infinity?


What is an example of a calculus limit?

the limit [as x-->5] of the function f(x)=2x is 5 the limit [as x-->infinity] of the function f(x) = 2x is infinity the limit [as x-->infinity] of the function f(x) = 1/x is 0 the limit [as x-->infinity] of the function f(x) = -x is -infinity

What does infinity maen?

Infinity means something without any limit.

What is limitedness?

No limit. No end. Infinity

Does infinity have a limit?

No. That is why it is called "infinity". Infinity is actually not an accepted numerical value in calculus. It is rather a concept. For instance, (infinity) - 1 googleplex = infinity

Limit x approaches infinity for cos of x?

The limit does not exist.

How can one say that infinity doesn't have a limit?

People say that infinity doesn't have a limit because that is the definition of the word infinity. This term is used in the fields of mathematics and of the sciences particularly physics.

What is the limit of infinity over zero?

infinity? Infinity over zero is undefined, or complex infinity depending on numbers you are including in your number system.

What is the limit as x approaches infinity of the square root of x?

What is the limit as x approaches infinity of the square root of x? Ans: As x approaches infinity, root x approaches infinity - because rootx increases as x does.

Is there a number past infinity?

No because technically, infinity is not a "number" it is a concept that means without limit, bound or end. so infinity+1=infinity infinity2=infinity and so on.

How and where is infinity used?

Infinity is used in a variety of manners. Because it means going on forever, domains and ranges use infinity. For example, the domain and range of the equation y=x are both (-infinity,infinity). In calculus, infinity is commonly used in limits. This is in one of two ways; either the limit can approach infinity, or the number the limit is of can approach infinity. Normal models in statistics also use infinity.

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