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Q: What does register the world's stimuli in logarithmic rather than linear increment means?
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Is earth rotation slowing rate linear or logarithmic?

i believe it is linear

Advantages of logarithmic scale over the linear scale?

Logarithmic will give a more define shape of the graph

Why the semi log was in linear?

Semilog (applied to a graph) means that one scale is logarithmic, the other not. The prefix "semi-" means "half" or "partially". The scale that is not logarithmic is, of course, linear.

Use of probability in logarithmic relations?

None. If you have an exact relationship - whether it is linear, polynomial, logarithmic or whatever - probability has no role to play.

What graph has equal intervals?

A linear graph. As opposed to a logarithmic scale graph.

Is a resistor a linear device?

Yes, if you are talking about the normal carbon composition types having colour codes. But there are some non-linear types too.

How do you draw a log graph?

You can get semi-log or log-log graph paper. In the first, the horizontal axis is linear while the vertical axis has a logarithmic scale. You can always use the paper sideways so that the horizontal is logarithmic and the vertical linear. The second type has both axes with logarithmic scales. Alternatively, you calculate the appropriate values and plot the results using the usual Cartesian coordinate system.

Why is frequency not linear?

Which frequency? Frequency in Hertz can be accepted as linear frequency. What is non linear is usually the method of "presenting" it, like a non linear logarithmic scale. Also there is the matter of angular frequency defined as w = 2*π*f, where f is linear frequency (Hz or s^-1).

What is the difference between a linear graph and a non-linear graph?

linear: LINE example--- line non-linear: not a LINE example--- parabola The other possibility is a graph with a non-linear scale. First a linear scale will have each unit represent the same amount, regardless of where you are on the scale. A semilog scale, has a linear scale in the horizontal direction, and a logarithmic scale in the vertical direction. Exponential functions (such as ex & 10x), will graph as a straight line on this type of graph scale). A logarithmic or log-log scale, has logarithmic scales on both horizontal and vertical axis. Power functions (such as sqrt(x), x2 and x3), graph as a straight line on these scales. See Related Link

Are there equations that are neither linear nor quadratic?

There are many equations that are neither linear nor quadratic. A simple example is a cubic equation, such as y = x3, or a logarithmic equation, such as y = ln(x).

What has the author Morris Lewis Groder written?

Morris Lewis Groder has written: 'Linear scale non-logarithmic slide rules'

What is the rleationship between luminosity and tempeature for stars on the main sequence?

On a logarithmic scale for luminosity, it is quite close to a negative linear relationship.