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There is no built in function in Excel to create a list of combinations of 39 items taken 5 at a time. However, the combin function will tell you how many combinations there are. For instance, combin(39,5) = 575757.

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Q: What formula can you input into excel to come up with all the 5 number different combinations for numbers 1-39?
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How many number combinations are possible with three numbers?

If the numbers can be repeated and the numbers are 0-9 then there are 1000 different combinations.

How many combinations of 6 numbers are there in 44 numbers?

Just use combinations formula. nCr, where n=44, r=6. Plug it into the calculator or use the formula, nCr = n!/[r!(n-r)!] And you should get 7059052 as the number of combinations.

How many different combinations of 6 numbers are there in the numbers 1-45?

Number of combinations = 45C6 = 45!/6!(45-6)! = 8,145,060

How many combinations of six numbers can be had from seven numbers?

The number of combinations of six numbers that can be made from seven numbers will depend on if you can repeat numbers. In all there are over 2,000 different numbers that can be made.

How many different combinations of 5 numbers 5 number combination?

120 WRONG! That is the number of PERMUTATIONS. In the case of combinations, the order of the numbers does not matter, so there is only 1 5-number combination from 5 numbers.

If using 7 single digit numbers how many different combinations can you get?

Number of 7 digit combinations out of the 10 one-digit numbers = 120.

How many 2 number combinations can you make with six numbers?

Assuming that the six numbers are different, the answer is 15.

How many combinations are there for a 6 digit number using the numbers 0 to 9?

If you can repeat the numbers within the combination there are 10,000 different combinations. If you cannot repeat the numbers within the combination, there are 5040 different combinations.

How many number combinations are there if there are six numbers and you have to have a four number combination?

all numbers have to be different 720 360 (6*5*4*3*2*1), * * * * * Wrong. Combinations do not have to be different. Those are permutations. There are only 6C4 = 6*5/(2*1) = 15 combinations.

If using numbers 1 thru 49 how many 6 digit combinations can be made?

Using the formula n!/r!(n-r)! where n is the number of possible numbers and r is the number of numbers chosen, there are 13983816 combinations of six numbers between 1 and 49 inclusive.

How many different 6 number combinations can be made of 8 numbers?

8C6 = 28

How many combinations can you make with the numbers 2 3 6 7 and 8?

You can make 5 combinations of 1 number, 10 combinations of 2 numbers, 10 combinations of 3 numbers, 5 combinations of 4 numbers, and 1 combinations of 5 number. 31 in all.