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Q: What is a solution for the system of equations x-y2 and y2x-4?
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How do you factorise 15x2y2-9xy3 A detailed explanation of how would be useful not ust an answer please?

15x2y2-9xy3 As x2y2 = x xy2 and xy3 = xy2 y then xy2 is in both term you can first factorize 15x2y2-9xy3 = xy2(15x-9y) as 15=3x5 and 9=3x3 15x2y2-9xy3 = 3xy2(5x-3y) and that it !

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What is the compound that makes formula XY2?

The compound with the formula XY2 consists of one atom of element X and two atoms of element Y.

What is the greatest common factor of x2y xy2?


What is the greatest common factor of x2y and xy2?


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The GCF is xy

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Find dyoverdx by implicit differentiation xy2 minus x2y equals 3xy?


X4 plus y4 divided by x plus y?

(x4 + y4)/(x + y) = Quotient = x3 - x2y + xy2 - y3 Remainder = - 2y4/(x+y) So, x3 - x2y + xy2 - y3 - 2y4/(x+y)