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That has several variables that nobody knows for sure, if you mean class average, then it's a 70%.

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Q: What is an ideal average in statistics?
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What is ideal average in statistics?

The term ideal refers to the one that is exactly right or perfect. Average refers to anything that isn't ideal, but also is not an outlier. Average is somewhere in the middle of the two.

What does mean mean in statistics?

Mean is the average.

Compare and contrast descriptive statistics and inferential statistics?

Descriptive statistics are meant to describe the situation such as the average or the range. Inferential statistics is used to differentiate between a couple of groups.

What are the importance of the mean in statistics?

the mean is important in statistics because you will find out your average and can compare that mean to other things..

What is the average time to load a 53 foot van trailer on pallets?

There really aren't statistics on this. A competent operator with a forklift should be able to have it done in about a half hour or so. In less than ideal circumstances, it could take much longer.

What do you want your residuals to be in statistics?

For the purpose of analyses, they should be independent, identically distributed random variables. But the ideal is that they are all 0.

What is the formula for x-bar in statistics?

(x value) - average

Are the astrologist true?

astrology is based on average statistics. it is nearly guess.

What is a four letter term or word in statistics?

The mean is the average value.

Looking at the statistics explain why you think the average nights spent in?

. Looking at the statistics, explain why you think the average nights spent in Petermann NT, would be less than those spent in Sydney N.S.W.

Why is math important in baseball?

Baseball is a sport that uses a lot of math. Math is important for calculating the statistics for the team and the players. Some of these statistics are batting average, earned run average, and fielding percentage.

What does optimal weight mean?

It means your the average weight , your ideal