What is skewed data?

Updated: 11/1/2022
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In terms of SQL, Skewness is an asymmetry in the distribution of the data values or how the value is distributed accross.

Consider a table employees where you have millions of employee records and a column in that table which have either a value as 0 or 1 (F or T). Now consider out of one million records, the 1 value is applicable for only 2000 employees and the rest are having value as 0. This asymmetry or inproportionate data tells us that the column contains highly skewed data.

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Q: What is skewed data?
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When the data are skewed to the right the measure of Skewness will be?

When the data are skewed to the right the measure of skewness will be positive.

When is the mean not a valid statistic to describe a set of data?

The population data may be skewed and thus the mean is not a valid statistic. If mean > median, the data will be skewed to the right. If median > mean, the data is skewed to the left.

Is there a chart for skewed data?

There isn't a specific chart for skewed data, but you could use a number of different charts to show that data is skewed. An Area chart could be used for example, or a column chart could also work. It would depend in the nature of the data.

When is data negatively or positively skewed?

i) Since Mean<Median the distribution is negatively skewed ii) Since Mean>Median the distribution is positively skewed iii) Median>Mode the distribution is positively skewed iv) Median<Mode the distribution is negatively skewed

What is A set of data values called where there are more data values above the Mean?


What is a positively skewed distribution?

A positively skewed or right skewed distribution means that the mean of the data falls to the right of the median. Picturewise, most of the frequency would occur to the left of the graph.

What measure of central tendency may not exist for all numeric data sets?

Measurement Scale Best measure of the 'middle' Numerical mode Ordinal Median Interval Symmetrical data- mean skewed data median Ratio Symmetrical data- Mean skewed data median

What is the most appropriate measure of location for a data set which is highly skewed to either the left or the right?

If it is very highly skewed then the mode is best.

When is the mean less than the median?

When the data distribution is negatively skewed.

What does data skewed to the left in a histogram look like?

See related links.

How can you tell if data is skewed on a box plot?

If the median is exactly in the middle of the box, and the box is exactly in the middle of the whiskers, then skewness = 0. The data are skewed if either the median is off-centre in the box, or if the box is off-centre overall.

What is the term for when most scores in a data set are toward one end of the range of scores?

This is known as a skewed data set.