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Q: What is the graph. Y-x2 plus 2x plus 3?
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Y 2x plus 3 graph?

You can do the equation Y 2x plus 3 on a graph. On this graph the Y would equal 5 and X would equal to 0.

What point is a solution to this linear quadratic system yx2 plus 4x plus 3 and y2x plus 6?

If you mean: y = x^2+4x+3 and y = 2x+6 Then the solution is: x = 1 or x = -3

Is yx2 2x-3 a linear equation?

"y x 2 2x -3 is not any kind of equation because it does not have an equals sign (=).

How to graph y plus 3 1 2x plus 1?

y plus 3 1 2x plus 1 can be graphed by first finding the values of Y and X coordinates.

Find the slope and the y-intercept what linear equation. Then graph 2x plus y equals -3?

2x plus y = -3 (subtract 2x from both sides) y = -2x - 3 slope = -2 y-intercept = -3

What is the graph for -2x plus 3?

a straight line with a slope of -2 and a y-intercept of 3

Which point would be on the graph of the equeation y equals 2x plus 3?


Does 3 4 point lies on 2x plus 4?

if your point if 3/4 and your line is y=2x+4 then yes 3/4 does lie on this graph. any point in existence lies on this graph because its domain is all real numbers

Find positive root of equation x3 equals 2x plus 5?

x^3=2x+5 x^3-2x-5=0 Graph the equation or use a calculator. x= 2.09455148

Graph equation 2x plus 6y equals 6?

2x + 6y = 6Subtract 2x from each side:6y = -2x + 6Divide each side by 6:y = -1/3 x + 1The graph is a straight line, with a slope of [ -1/3 ], and intersecting the y-axis at the point [ y = 1 ].

How to graph -2x plus 3y equals 1?

-2x+3y=1 3y=1+2x y=(1+2x)/3 Then proceed to find points by plugging in given or arbitrary values of x.

What graph could be used to find the solution of the system of equations y equals 2x plus 6 and y equals x2 plus 4x plus 3?

A graph that has 1 parabolla that has a minimum and 1 positive line.