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It is a trigonometric function whose argument is the number theta.

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Q: What is the meaning of tangent theta?
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What is tangent of theta as a percentage?

It is 100*tan(theta).

What is tangent theta?


What is the tangent of theta?


How is tangent defined?

The tangent of an angle theta is defined as sine(theta) divided by cosine(theta). Since the sine and cosine are Y and X on the unit circle, then tangent(theta) is Y divided by X. The tangent of a function at a point is the line going through that point which has slope equal to the first deriviative of the function at that point.

What is the definition of a tangent function?

Tangent (theta) is defined as sine (theta) divided by cosine (theta). In a right triangle, it is also defined as opposite (Y) divided by adjacent (X).

When is tan theta theta?

tan (theta x theta) : must square the value of the angle, theta, before applying the trig function, tangent.

What is the degree of tangent theta equals negative three?

determine the degree of -3

How do you find the height of a right angle?

Assuming you know the angle of ascension, and the base, you can calculate the height by recalling that tangent theta is height over base. Simple algebra from there: height is tangent theta times base.

How do you find theta for right triangle?

You can use your trigonometric functions (sine, cosine, and tangent).

What are the domains of sine cosine and tangent?

The domain of a function is the set of values of the independent variable for which the function is valid. In practice, this is the allowable values of X or, in this case, theta. The sine and cosine functions have a domain of all numbers from negative infinity to positive infinity. The tangent function, however, is sine(theta) / cosine(theta). Cosine(theta) has value of zero at theta equal to pi / 2, 3pi/2, 5pi/2, ... in the positive direction, and -pi/2, -3pi/2, -5pi/2, ... As a result, tangent(theta) is undefined at these values, so the domain of tangent is all numbers from negative infinity to positive infinity except all numbers n pi/2 where n is odd.

Why is it tangent 90 degrees is undefined?

Because it tends to infinity. Additionally, tangent can be expressed as sin theta divided by cos theta. The sine of 90 is 1. The cosine of 90 is 0. That would be 1 divided by 0, or division by zero; which is undefined.

How can you find the coefficient of friction force only given mass and theta?

The coefficient of friction is the tangent of the angle theta where the angle is measured from horizontal when the mass first starts to slip

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