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In other words "our society has modified and tempered with traditional values and beliefs for their own selfish wants" to me this quote seems like a negative view, not one the speaker is enthusiastic about. He/she is not pleased with the way the "world has skewed values"

But hey as with many forms of literature, especially quotes they can be interpreted many different ways so read more than one response. Hope this helped

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Q: What is the meaning of the world has skewed values?
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How do you spell skewed as in not correct?

The word is correctly spelled "skewed" meaning distorted or out of line, as with numerical values or sequences. The similar word is askew.

What is A set of data values called where there are more data values above the Mean?


What type of distribution pattern that occurs when the majority of the data values fall to the left of the mean?

positively skewed

In general the distribution of F-ratios is?

positively skewed with all values greater than or equal to zero

If a great many data values cluster to the left of a data distribution which then tails off to the right the distribution is referred to as?

It is a positively skewed distribution.

What can lead to skewed perceptions of the world.?

Logical Fallacies

Is considerably skewed distribution the same as bimodal distribution?

No. A distribution may be non-skewed and bimodal or skewed and bimodal. Bimodal means that the distribution has two modes, or two local maxima on the curve. Visually, one can see two peaks on the distribution curve. Mixture problems (combination of two random variables with different modes) can produce bimodal curves. See: A distribution is skewed when the mean and median are different values. A distribution is negatively skewed when the mean is less than the median and positively skewed if the mean is greater than the median. See:

If an area was isolated by a localized distortion of spacetime could it have different laws of physics?

No, the properties inside the distortion would be consistent with universal values however the inter-relational values in the area of transition might be skewed.

When might you want to use the median to describe the center of a data set instead of then mean?

You would use the median if the data were very skewed, with extreme values.

When is data negatively or positively skewed?

i) Since Mean<Median the distribution is negatively skewed ii) Since Mean>Median the distribution is positively skewed iii) Median>Mode the distribution is positively skewed iv) Median<Mode the distribution is negatively skewed

How do you use the word skewed in a sentence?

The retaining wall is skewed perfectly.

What is the shape of a frequency distribution with an arithmetic mean of 800 pounds median of 758 pounds and a mode of 750 pounds?

As the mean is greater than the median it will be positively skewed (skewed to the right), and if the median is larger than the mean it will be negatively skewed (skewed to the left)