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Volume of a cone = 1/3*base area*height

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2012-02-06 10:21:40
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Q: What is the volume formula of cone's?
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Who calculate the volumes of pyramid and cones?

democritus calculated the volume of pyramids and cones

What is the formula to find at cones volume?

a cone's volume>>> V = 1/3 [ (pi)*(radius*squared)*(height) ] so volume equals , (one third) of (pi) times (radius squared) times (height)

What is the relation between the volume and height of two similar cones?

The volume is proportional to the cube of the height.

How do you find the volume of a octahedron pyramid?

The general formula for any type of pyramid - as well as for cones - is (1/3)Bh, where "B" is the base area, and "h" is the perpendicular height.

The general formula for volume is?

that would depend on the shape of the volume. for a box, it would be width * depth * height For a sphere it would be (4 * pi * radius^3) / 3 Pyramids, cones, and other shapes, of course, will have their own formulas.

What is the formula to finding volume in chemistry?

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What is the formula for finding the volume of a liquid?

There is no formula for this. You have to measure the volume.

What is the Equation for volume of o ring?

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What is the Equation for volume of o-ring?

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What is the formulae for surface area and volume for pyramids and cones?

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How do you find the radius of a cone knowing only the volume?

I cannot imagine you could. both the radius and the height are considered in it's volume formula. this stands to reason as two cones of different radii can have the same volume, by the larger radius one having a smaller height and vice versa

Formula to find the volume of dish?

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