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When the tens digit is even and the units digit is 0, 4 or 8


the tens digit is odd and the units digit is 2 or 6.

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Q: When is a number a multiple of 4?
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What is this number multiple of 4 an even number a multiple of 7 and not a multiple of 6?

It could be: 4*7 = 28

Is 58 a multiple of 4?

The number 58 is not considered a multiple of 4. A simple way of figuring out if a number is a multiple of another number is by dividing the number in question by the multiple. Such as finding out that 12 is a multiple of four. 12/4=3. If the number comes up as a whole number - then that number is a multiple.

What number has a multiple of 48 as there 4 multiple?

It is: 4*12 = 48

Is 4 a multiple of 62?

No - a smaller number can never be a multiple of a number, only a factor. But 4 is not a factor of 62, either.

How do you find out if a number is multiple of 4?

If last two digits of a number are divisible by 4 then number is a multiple of 4 for a number with more than 21 digit

What is the highest multiple of 4?

There is no such number. Since 4 more than that number would be a higher multiple. And 4 more than THAT number would be a higher multiple still. And so on.

What 4-digit number is divisible by 4 and 5 but not 4?

There is no number that is "divisible by 4" and "not divisible by 4" at the same time - a number cannot be both a multiple of 4 and not a multiple of 4.

What number is a multiple of 4 and is not a square number?

8 is a multiple and is not a perfect square.

What is the greatest multiple for four?

There is no greatest multiple of any number: whatever multiple of 4 you say is the greatest I can always add 4 and get an even greater multiple.

What number is a multiple of 4 and 6 as a factor?

The number 12 has 4 and 6 as factors so 12 is a multiple of 4 and 6.

Which number is a common multiple of 7 and 4?

The smallest number which is a common multiple of both 7 and 4 is 28.

A 4 a multiple of 4?

yes, any number that can be made by multiplying a number by the original number is a multiple so: 5 is a multiple of 5 6 is a mult. of 6 and so on BUT 0 is not a multiple of any number but itself...

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