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Neither, then nor; eg neither Jack nor John can ski.

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Q: When must you use nor and when to use neither?
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When to use neither nor?

We use neither nor when we have to say two things that have not happened. Like neither me nor my friend was allowed to take the ride.

How do you use either and neither?

"or" and "either" go together, as in, "Either you go or I will". "nor" and "neither" go together, as in, "Neither you nor I will".

How do you use neither nor in a sentence?

Neither Mike nor John wanted to clean up after their roommate Chris.

Can nor be use without neither?

I don't like apples nor bananas is incorrect grammar. you could use or in that situation or say "I like neither apples nor bananas"

Can you use neither without nor?

Yes. Nor means "and not" as well as "or not." I do not smoke. Nor do I drink.

When do you use nor?

u use it when u tlk to ppl !!!!! When neither alternates fit. Neither/nor are basic conjugates to either/or. So, one can say, I like neither this, nor that. It'd be incorrect to say, I like neither this, or that. As the latter is in the affirmitive. Nor, cannot be used without an already rejected option.

When to use neither or either?

you use neither when none of them are correct and you use either when both can be correct. :) 2nd Answer: "Either" goes with "or", as in, "Either you or I will go". That means one or the other. "Neither" goes with "nor", as in, "Neither you nor I will go". That means that nobody will go.

How do you use neither?

If you mean how to you use the word neither in math, then here is an example. The number 0 is neither prime nor composite.

How can you use nor in a sentence?

You can use "nor" to join two negative alternatives in a sentence. For example: "I neither eat meat nor fish." In this sentence, "nor" is used to show that the speaker does not eat either meat or fish.

What Lines that neither intersect nor are parallel?

If lines neither intersect nor are parallel, then they must be drawn in 3D space, or a higher dimension.(These lines are called skew lines)

Is zero a prime composite or a Neither?

0 is neither a prime nor a composite number.

How to use neither in a sentence?

Neither the mom nor the daughter wanted to drive down to Arizona for softball Nationals.