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They touch each other at (0, 100) on the x and y axis.

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Q: Where do the parabolas of y equals x squared plus 20x plus 100 and y equals x squared minus 20x plus 100 meet on the x and y axis?
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What does the graph of x minus x squared look like?

the x-axis... obviously! the x-axis... obviously!

Can two parabolas of the form with different vertices have the same axis of symmetry?

The form is not specified in the question so it is hard to tell. But two parabolas with different vertices can certainly have the same axis of symmetry.

Find the value of x in the equation x squared equals 6x minus 9?

(X-3)(X-3) Foil that and you will see tha X = 3. This is a parabola that touches the X axis at X = 3.

How do you use the intersect feature on a graphing calculator to find the solution of something like negative X squared plus 5 equals X cubed?

Draw the graph of negative X squared plus 5 minus X cubed and find the values of x where it intersects the x axis.

Does y equals 3x2 minus 5x plus 1 cross the x axis?

Yes, it crosses at (0.23,0) and (1.43,0).

How do you solve y equals 6x squared?

y=6x² is already solved. the parabola will touch the x-axis at x=0.

What is x squared minus 5?

It is x^2 - 5 which, if plotted on the x-y plane will be a parabola which is symmetric about the y axis and has its apex at (0, -5) .

How do you graph y equals x squared minus 4?

its a simple parobola symmetric about y axis, having its vertex at (0,-4). we can make its graph by changing its equation in standard form so that we can get its different standard points like vertex, focus, etc.

Where does the curve of y equals x squared -x -12 cut through the y and x axis?

Cuts through the y axis at: (0, -12) Cuts through the x axis at: (-3, 0) and (4, 0)

What is the graph of 4x minus 6y equals 24?

It is a straight line. The line intersects the y-axis at (0, -4); the x-axis at (6, 0) and has a gradient (slope) of 2/3

Find the area in the first quadrant bounded by the curve y squared equals 4x the x axis and the line x equals 2?

It is 8*sqrt(2)/3 = 3.7712 approx.

How do you solve y equals 2x squared plus 1?

The solution comprises every point on a parabola which is symmetric about the y axis and has its apex at (0,1).

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