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Q: Which polygon has a measurement of 72 degree of the interior angles?
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What is the rule for finding out the sum interior angle of a polygon?

To find the sum of the interior angles and the sum of the exterior angles of any polygon. To review linear measurement to the nearest sixteenth of an inch and angle measurement to the nearest degree. To construct a polygon and its exterior angles given the number of sides. hope this helped

What shape has 45 degree interior angles?

There is no such regular polygon with 45 degree interior angles; the smallest interior angles in regular polygons are 60 degrees, which is found in a triangle.

Can a regular polygon's interior angles measure 40 degrees?

No. To elaborate, the smallest regular polygon, an equilateral triangle, has 60 degree interior angles. The next larger one, a square, has 90 degree interior angles. In fact, for any regular polygon, the interior angles measure 180*(n-2)/n degrees, where n is the number of sides. No polygon has less than 3 sides. Thus, no regular polygon can have interior angles less than 60 degrees.

How do you find the interior angle degree of a polygon?

(n-2)*180 = sum of interior angles when n is the number of sides of the polygon

What is the degree measurement for a regular polygon with 9 sides?

Each exterior angles measures 40 degrees Each interior angle measures 140 degrees

What is the angle sum for a 5 sided polygon?

540 degree for the interior angles

What is the sum of all the exterior angles and interior angles in a triangle?

Sum of interior angles - 180 degree (each side 60 degree) Sum of exterior angles of a polygon - 360 degree

What is the formula for finding the sum of an interior angle of a polygon?

(n-2)(180) use that formula to find the sum of the interior angles of a polygon in degree

What polygon has the interior angles of 150 degrees?

A regular 12 sided polygon each interior angle measures 150 degrees

How do you find the degree of measurement of angles?

The sum of the interior angles of any polygon is: ('n'-2) times 180 whereas 'n' is the number of sides of the polygon

A Regular Polygon has 335 sides What is the degree measure of one interior angle?

360degrees/335 interior angles=1.075degrees

What is the degree of an eight sided polygon?

An 8 sided polygon is an octagon and has exterior angles that add up to 360 degrees and its interior angles add up to 1080 degrees