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Q: Why is determining needs an essential step in the sales process?
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of cooperate sales?

explain the process in relationto cooperate sales and group sales and show their different needs and wants

5 Essentials to Creating VDP That Acts as Lead Magnet?

A Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) is an essential factor in determining the success rate of dealerships’ vehicle sales.

What is the relationship between Total Quality Management and sales management?

They are both considered a part of the marketing process. Product sales must appeal to the consumer therefore marketing management is essential.

A sales budget should be prepared before the production budget?

Yes sales budget is the starting point for budeting process as it provides the important information about how many units needs to be sell.

What is sales classified as?

Sales is typically classified as a revenue-generating activity within a company's business operations. It involves the process of promoting and selling products or services to customers in exchange for money. Sales activities are essential for driving growth and sustaining the financial health of a business.

What are the methods for determining advertising budget?

Generally 2 to 5% of your gross sales.

What are the essential elements of sales?

consent, object , consideration

True or false The most difficult part of determining the profit maximizing price is determining profit at a given level of unit sales?


What is the best objective of a saleslady?

The best objective of a saleslady is to understand the customer's needs and provide solutions that meet those needs. Building rapport, demonstrating product knowledge, and fostering trust are essential in achieving sales goals and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Is the method of determining the minimum sales volume needed at a certain price level to cover all costs return on sales?

breakeven analysis

What does assessable?

The word "assessment" can mean evaluation or valuation. Used for determining a status (health, fitness) or the state of a process, an assessment combines various factors to provide an overall determination. Used for determining property value (as for taxes), an assessment is a relative comparison based on similar properties, appraisals, and actual sales.