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The sine ratio plays an important part in the refraction of light at the interface of two media through which the light travels - such as the interface between air and the glass of a lens.

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Q: Why is study of trigonometry important in optics?
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How is trigonometry used in optics?

Optics deals with light waves, and all waves relate in some way to trigonometry. Also, the reflection and refraction of light involves trigonometry.

Why is trigonometry important for chemistry?

Some chemical reactions depend on the shape of molecules and the study of the shape of molecules - requires knowledge of trigonometry.

Why do you study trigonometry?

I personally study trigonometry because it is absolutely exhilarating for me.

What the study of light and vision?

The study of light and vision is known as optics. It involves understanding how light interacts with different materials and how the human eye processes visual information. Optics is important in various fields such as physics, astronomy, and ophthalmology.

Why is trigonometry important in accounting?

Trigonometry is not important ever

What jobs other than a architect requires trigonometry?

Engineers and Physicists use trigonometry, as well as people whose carrers involve acoustics, optics, and waves.

What branch of physics that study about light?

The branch of physics that studies light is called optics. Optics involves the behavior and properties of light, including its interactions with materials and its manipulation through lenses, mirrors, and other optical components. This field explores phenomena such as reflection, refraction, diffraction, and polarization of light.

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What is the difference between trigonometry and geometry?

Trigonometry is specificly the study of a right triangle. For example, what is the cosine? Geometry is the study on shapes.

Study of light and vision?