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How about 132

take 88 from 34804 = 34716

divide 34716 by 263 = 132

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Q: After dividing 34804 by a number Jose got a quotient of 263 with a remainder of 88 what number did he use as a divisor?
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What is a quotient divisor and a dividend?

Dividend if the number that you divide, divisor is the number that you divide dividend into, and quotient is the number that you get from dividing dividend into divisor. For example, in 12/3=4, 12 is the dividend, 3 is the divisor, and 4 is the quotient.

Can some person explain how a divisor and a quotient are related?

A divisor is a number that divides another number, also known as the dividend, without leaving a remainder. The quotient, on the other hand, is the result of dividing the dividend by the divisor. In other words, the quotient is the answer to a division problem. The divisor and the quotient are related in that the divisor is used to divide the dividend and obtain the quotient.

Where do you put the dividend in a division problem?

The dividend is the first number in a dividing equation.Dividend ÷ Divisor = Quotient; the Remainder is any 'left over' value, if not evenly divisible.For example,54 divided by 9= 6.54 is the dividend, 9 is the Divisor, 6 is the Quotient, and the Remainder is 0.

The number you divide by?

In a division such as 7 divided by 3 = 2 + 1 The number you are dividing - 7 - is the dividend The number you are dividing by - 3 - is the divisor The number you get - 2 - is the quotient The number left over - 1 - is the remainder.

An indicated quotient of two numbers is?

A Quotient is a number which when multiplied by the dividing number yields the divisor. Ex: 10/2 = 5 Here 10 is the divisor, 2 is the dividing number and 5 is the quotient. 2 * 5 = 10.

The quotient 18 is 5find the number?

You can use the equation: quotient x divisor = dividend In case there is a remainder, the formula is: quitient x divisor + remainder = dividend

What is 71 over 8 as a mixed number?

To find the mixed number you need to first divide to find the quotient and remainder. So 71 over 8 has a quotient of 8 and remainder 7. So the general way of writing a mixed number is dividend over divisor = quotient (remainder over divisor) dividend/divisor = quotient remainder/divisor) So 71 over 8 = 8 7/8.

The number not including the remainder that results form dividing?

When dividing 13 by 10, 1 is the quotient and 3 is the remainder

In complete division divisor and quotient are of dividend.?

Divisor is the number you're dividing (the number on top). Dividend is the number it's being divided by (the number on the bottom) The quotient is the answer.

What is the name for the number into which you are dividing in a division problem?

You divide the dividend by the divisor (or the divisor 'into' the dividend) to get the quotient.

What is the number not including the remainder that result from dividing?

In a division:the DIVIDEND is the number being divided intothe DIVISOR is the number doing the divisionthe QUOTIENT is the in 10 ÷ 2 = 5 the dividend is 10, the divisor is 2 and the quotient is 5.Quotient can also used to refer to the whole number part of a result, eg in 11 ÷ 2 = 5 r 1, the 5 is often called the quotient and the remainder is 1.

What is the number that does the dividing in a division problem?

The dividend is divided by the divisor to get the quotient.