Factor 5y3 - 125y

Updated: 4/28/2022
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5y3 - 125y =

5y(y2-25) =

5y (y+5)(y-5)

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5y(y - 5)(y + 5)

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Q: Factor 5y3 - 125y
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Factor the polynomial in quadratic form 6y6 - 5y3 - 4?


What is 6x-5y3 solved for x?

x = 5y3/6

Factor this binomial 5y to the third - 125y?


What are the following vacuum tube types - 45 - 80 - 125A - 1C5 - 5Y3 - 5U4 - 12SA6?

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What is the LCM 5y to the third power and 25y to the sixth power?

LCM(5y3, 25y6) = 25y6

What was the differences between 5U4 5Y3 and Type 80 vacuum tubes?

Tube Socket ___ octal n 4pin

How do you factor y to the sixth power minus 125y cubed?

y to the six is common, so it becomes y^3(y^3 - 125). Then we use difference of cubes ((a-b)(a^2 - 2ab + b^2)), so it becomes y^3(y-5)(y^2 + 5y + 25). Since we cannot factor out that last quadratic part, this concludes the factoring process and we end up with that last line as our answer.

Were can you find Replacement Parts for RUS4116 from Walmart?

Courtyard Creations customer service 150 Marycroft Ave Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada, L4L 5Y3 1-877-539-7436

What is 12x4y2 over 10x3y5 simplified?

Just to clarify: (12x4y2)/(10x3y5). Subtract the exponents of x: 4-3 = 1. And y exponents: 2-5 = -3. Then 12/10 simplifies to 6/5, so we have (6x)/(5y3)

What is one half y cubed inside parethesis with exponent of two outside of parenthesis?

(1/2y3)2(.5y3)2Multiply each term's exponent by 2 (remember that .5 = .51).52y(6).25y6 or 1/4y6

How do you factor these problems?

Y³-4y²-12y = y(y - 6)(y + 2) 3x³+30x²+75x = 3x(x + 5)2 5yto5-80y³ = 5y3(y + 4)(y - 4) 24to5-18y³ = 6y3(4y2 - 3) 25x to the 6th - 64 = (5x3 + 8)(5x3 - 8) 27xt³+343 = (3x + 7)(9x2 - 21x + 49) X³-64 = (x - 4)(x2 + 4x + 16)

Can you solve fot x 4x plus 5y3?

4x + y53 is an expression. Thanks to the rubbish browser used by this site for posting question, most mathematical symbols have been stripped out. There is, therefore, no equality not inequality sign and so there is nothing which can be solved.