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A as a percentage of B: (100 x A)/B

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Q: How do you calculcate the percentage that one figure is of another figure?
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What is nine over twenty five as a percentage?

It's 36%. perhaps the better question is how you figure out how one number is a percentage of another. Simple, you divide the numerator by the denominator. Maybe this is to difficult of terminology for you, but one number divided by another is the same as the percentage of the number by that number. Pretty basic really. Kind of what the definition of a percentage is.

How do you figure out percent?

One way to figure percent is to multiply by the percentage and divide by 100. Another way is to convert the percentage to a decimal fraction and multiply. For example, 20 percent of 200 is 20/100 x 200 = 40, or .2 x 200 = 40.

How do you work out a figure as a percentage of another figure?

Divide the figure (usually the smaller one) into the base figure (usually larger). Then to get the percent figure, multiply the fraction by a hundred. For example, in a class 34 students, 11 are male, what percent of the class is male? 11/34=0.32 then 0.32X100=32%.

How do you change from percentage into another percentage?

One %age and another %age have the same units (%), so the only way to convert from one to another is to multiply by a constant.

When one figure is an enlargement of another what is it called?


When a figure slides from one position to another?


How do you figure what percent one number is of another number?

If you take '2' and '4', then 2 is 50% of 4. To calculate that, use (2/4)*100 to get the percentage. So to find out what percentage number 'x' is of number 'y', use (x/y)*100.

How can you tell when one figure is a reflection of another figure?

When you exchange the x and y values it creates a reflection.

Calculate the percentage rise from one number to another? theres your answer...

The diagonals are equal in length and bisect one another?

The figure is a rectangle.

Formula in finding percentage?

The answer depends on whether you wish to find one number as a percentage of another or if you want a given percentage of a number.

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