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It is not possible.

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Q: How do you get log 13(7) out of log 13(2) log 13(3) and log 13(5)?
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How do you calculate Kf constant in Freundlich isotherm?

The Freundlich isotherm equation is typically represented as: q = Kf * C^(1/n), where q is the amount of solute adsorbed per unit mass of adsorbent, C is the concentration of solute in solution, Kf is the Freundlich constant, and 1/n is a constant related to the intensity of adsorption. The Kf constant in the Freundlich isotherm can be determined by plotting the experimental data of adsorption isotherms and calculating the slope and intercept of the linearized form of the equation.

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What is the answer to log x6?

log(x6) = log(x) + log(6) = 0.7782*log(x) log(x6) = 6*log(x)

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The log of a quotient is the log of the numerator divided by the log of the denominator?

Not quite. The log(x/y) = log(x) - log(y) In words, this reads "The log of a quotient is the difference of the log of the numerator and the log of the denominator."

The log of a quotient is the log of a numerator divided by the log of the denominator?

No. The log of a quotient is the log of a denominator subtracted from the log of the numerator.

If log a equals x and log b equals y what is log?

"Log" is not a normal variable, it stands for the logarithm function.log (a.b)=log a+log blog(a/b)=log a-log blog (a)^n= n log a