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There are 5C3 = 10 combinations.

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Q: How many 3 item combinations are there if you have 5 items?
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How many combinations of 3 items in 3 categories?

3 items each in 3 categories gives 3*3*3 = 27 possible combinations.

How many different combinations can be made with three items?

6 different combinations can be made with 3 items

How many different 3 item combinations can you get out of 5 different items?

whenever you have a question like this, just multiply the two numbers together and you got your answer.

How many combinations can you make with 7 12 5 and 3 objects?

It depends on the sizes of the combinations. For example, there is only one combination of 7 things out of 7, but there are 21 combinations of two items.

How many combinations can you make with a 3 shirts 3 pants and 3 hats?

The answer is 3. When you go to the clothing machine, you have to put in three items no matter what. If you want to know WHAT things you can make, you have to be more specific and say the items.

How do you get free items on tinierme?

title= \\TINIERME ITEMS\\ to enter the items you want just insert them where the word "item" is example= =42%@"item"(insert gatcha item is from here)3%932//*^(

How many combinations of 3 can you get out of 35?

There are: 35C3 = 6545 combinations

How many possible combinations can be made from 10 items?


How many different 3 item pizzas can be made from 12 items?

if you have 3 different toppings then 12*11*10 = 1320

How many 3 number combinations 1 to 6?

There are 6C3 = 20 such combinations.

How many combinations can it be for 2 types of breads 3 meats and 3 drinks?

233 = 18 combinations.

How many combinations for 3 colors?


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