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With 6 different letters, no repetition (like you have 6 different Scrabble tiles), and if order is important, then the proper statistical term is permutation, rather than combination, but many people refer to this type of application as a combination.

The permutation (no repetition) of n items taken rat a time is n!/(n-r)! with in this case n=6 and r=6. The exclamation mark is notation for factorial.

6! = 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1. (6-6)! = 0! which is defined as 0! = 1

So we have 6 * 5 * 4 * 3 * 2 * 1 = 720 different possibilities.

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Q: How many combinations of six letters are possible from six?
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How many possible combinations of six numbers are possible from six numbers?

Just 1.

How could you find the number of different combinations of six letters in a computer password?

When trying to work out how many different combinations there are, you need to know how many options there are for each value. If the password only contains lower case letters, then we have 26 options for each value. For each letter in the password, there are 26 options, so the total number of possible options is 26x26x26x26x26x26 or 266 This equals 308,915,776 so there are 308,915,776 possible different combinations of six letters.

How many combinations of two letters are possible from three letters?

Starting with three different letters, six two-letter combinations can be made, if the order of the two letters is important. Only three combinations can be made if the order of the two letters is not important. Example: ABC AB AC BA BC CA CB - six variations But if (for your purposes) BA is the same as AB, Then there are only three: AB AC BC

How many combinations are there using one number and six letters?

266 x 10 = 3089157760.

How many possible combinations can you get with 63 5 1 and?

3!(factorial) or six

How many six-letter sequences are possible that use the letters c p c c p k?

I'm going to assume you mean combinations - the unique set of these letters in any order with no sequence repeated. With these letters, there are 60 possible combinations. To see the maths behind this, try typing "permutations of {c,c,c,p,p,k}" into wolfram alpha.

How many outfits can you wear with 3 shirts and 2 pants?

There are six possible combinations.

How many total combinations are possible if you roll two six sided dice?


How many six number combinations are possible with the numbers one to thirty five?

figure it out then tell me :)

How many combinations of 4 numbers can be made from the set of numbers 246789?

If the numbers are allowed to repeat, then there are six to the fourth power possible combinations, or 1296. If they are not allowed to repeat then there are only 360 combinations.

How many combinations are possible for a six-digit lock?

Assuming each "digit" actually has 10 different states, there are one million combinations possible in a six-digit combination lock. However, many combination lock designs actually have fewer than 10 different states per "digit", resulting in far fewer actual combinations on such locks.

What is the following word letters are all one off- like a or c instead of b word bboxno?

In a permutation problem such as this, there are six spaces, each of which could be one of two letters. This means there are sixty-four possible combinations. The two obvious combinations are aanwmn and ccpyop. Looking at those, the word is then canyon.