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About 2 1 pound per square inch = 2.0362... inches of Mercury

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Q: How many inches of mercury column is in 1 psi?
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How many inches of mercury is 14.37 psi?

14.37 psi is 0.20317789 inches of mercury.

How do you convert psi to inches of Mercury?

Inches of mercury x 0.4912 = psi

How do you measure psi with inches of Mercury?

Multiply by 2.03625437 to convert from psi to inches mercury. Multiply by 0.49109777 to convert from inches mercury to psi.

How many psi in 1 inch of water column?

27.71 inches of water column equals 1 psi

7 inches water column equal how many PSI?

1 psig is equivalent to 51.71 mm (2 in) of mercury or to approx 700 mm (27.5 in) of water. Technically one cannot have apsig. Psig represents a pressure reading of the pressure above normal atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psi. You mean a psi.

How many inches of water column in one quarter psi?

0.25 psig = 413.7 inches of water column

Converting 30.0 inches of mercury to psi?

30 inches of mercury = 14.73 psi (1 inch of mercury = 0.491 psi So, 30 x 0.491 = 14.73).

One psi makes a column of mercury rise how many feet?

One psi makes a column of mercury rise 51.71 millimeters, based on the measurement that one psi is approximately 6.894 KPa. This is equivalent to 0.00328 feet.

A pressure gauge reads57 psi The equivalent pressure in inches of mercury absolute is?

116.1 inches of mercury.

What is the formula for inches water column to psi?

Multiply inches of WC by 0.0361 to obtain PSI.

A barometer registers a reading of 12.6 psi what is the equivalent pressure in inches of mercury?

-24.43 inches of mercury.

How do i convert inches of water to psi?

Multiply by 0.036 One PSI is equal to 27.7 inches of water column