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you can use fractions in nursing in when you weigh someone

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Q: How would you use fractions in nursing?
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Why do you use fractions in your teaching and learning of fraction?

It would be very difficult to teach and learn fractions if you did not use fractions!

How can you use LCM in your daily life?

You would use it when adding fractions.

How do you use fractions if your a baker?

the same way you would use them if you were not a baker

What fractions would you use to get 83.3 percent?

83.3% = 833⁄1000

Why would you need to use LCM?

When you are adding or subtracting fractions.

What life would be without fractions?

To some, life would be absolutely amazing without fractions! A whole lot of people hate fractions and would much rather just use decimals all of the time.

What is a situation where you would use LCM?

To add and subtract unlike fractions.

How many jobs use fractions?

There are 137 jobs that use fractions.

What unit would you use to measure the mass of a basketball?

You could use grams or fractions of kilograms.

When would you use the least common multiple in fractions?

You would use lowest common multiple in fractions if you have to use pictures, numbers and words. (Sometimes, depending on the teacher, you might get higher marks if you put the fraction into its smallest form!)

Why did Egyptians use odd fractions?

Because they belived that the one was easy enought to create fractions and help them in there every day work. The would add two fractions together to get there answer and that would be how they completed there every day jobs.

What would you use the greatest common factor of?

When reducing fractions to their lowest terms.

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