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root 484 ie 22 feet

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Q: If a can of paint will cover 484 square feet What is the length of the edge of the largest square that can be covered with this can of paint?
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What length can 1m3 concrete covered?

You can not cover a one dimensional LENGTH with a three dimensional VOLUME.

Cumulative test math final 115?

A small can of wood stain has enough stain to cover 48 square feet. To the nearest tenth, find the side length of the largest square table that can be stained.

If 18 square tiles cover 162 square centimeters what is the length of one square tile?

3 cm

What are the dimensions of the largest square plot that a bag of fertilizer will cover that covers 400 square feet?

The fertilizer will cover a square plot 20 feet by 20 feet.

How much area can be covered by 24 sq ft?

You can cover an area of 24 square feet with 24 square feet.

How much square feet will be covered with 15000 gallons of water at 1 deep cover?


Where is the largest desert in Asia how big an area does it cover in square miles?

The largest desert in Asia is the Gobi Desert. The Gobi covers a total of 500,000 square miles. It is the world's fifth-largest desert.

How long is a book cover in square centimeters or square meters?

Square centimetres and square metres are measures of area in 2-dimensional space: they cannot be used to measure the length of a book cover which is a 1-dimensional measure.

What is the largest ranch in Texas and how many square miles does it cover?

the answer is the home necked ranch

How do you convert linear miles into square feet?

That is impossible, because linear miles are a 'length' and square feet cover an 'area'.

How many lineal meters will cover 30 square meters?

As a linear meter is a length with zero width, even with an infinite number of them they will not cover an area of 30 square meters.

How much fill dirt is needed to cover 250 square feet?

The answer will depend on the depth to which the area is covered.