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3,600 meters

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Q: If an automobile travels at 30 msecfor 2 minutes the car has traveled?
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A bullet after being fired travels at 60 meters persecond for five minutes so how far has it traveled?

Are you assuming that it keeps travelling at that speed?

A car travels a distance of 60 km in 45 minutes time what is its average speed?

distance traveled=60 km.time =45 minutes=45/60 hrs=0.75 hrsthen speed =distance traveled/total time=60/ 0.75 km/hr=80 km/hr

Are submarines automobiles?

No, an automobile is a vehicle that travels on land not under the water.

A train travels at 100 mph for 160 miles.How much time does this take?

Answer: 1 3/5 hours or 1 hour and 36 minutes Explanation: Distance traveled = Speed * time or solved for time is time = distance traveled / speed Plug in known values for speed and distance traveled and you will get the time it took.

A train travels for 4 hours at 100kmhr how far has it traveled?


A train travels 35.2 miles in 54 minutes. How far will it travel in 70 minutes?

In one minute, it travels about 0.65 miles. In 70 minutes it travels about 45.63 miles.

What travels through a food chain or wed?

10 percent is traveled throughout

What is the approximate total distance traveled by an earthquake P-waves in its first 9 minutes?

An average S or P wave travels through the crust at approximatively 7 km / second, so approximatively 3780 km in 9 minutes [Or 540 seconds]

If you know a car travels 30 km in 20 minutes you can find its?

The answer is average speed.It's average speed because say for example you know your car is traveling 30 km in 20 minutes, you'd have to divide the total distance traveled by the total time.

What is the average speed of a tornado that travels 8 kilometers in 10 minutes?

The speed is the distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance. In this case we with divide 8 kilometers by 10 minutes to get 0.8 km/minute. One hour is sixty minutes, so this works out to 48 km/hour.

A certain automobile of mass 1750 kg travels on a German autobahn at 220 km per h What is the wavelength of the automobile?

6.19948e-39 m

What material is a wave traveled through?

The general term for what a wave travels through is a medium, but in the case of earthquakes the wave travels through the ground.