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The speed is the distance traveled divided by the time it takes to travel that distance. In this case we with divide 8 kilometers by 10 minutes to get 0.8 km/minute. One hour is sixty minutes, so this works out to 48 km/hour.

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Q: What is the average speed of a tornado that travels 8 kilometers in 10 minutes?
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How far does a typical tornado last?

The average tornado lasts about 10 minutes and travels about 5 miles.

What is the average speed for a tornado to start?

The average tornado travels at 35 mph.

What is the average distance a tornado travels on the ground?

The average distance traveled by a tornado is about 5 miles.

How far is the normal traveling distance of a tornado?

The average tornado travels 5 miles

How many miles long is the average tornado?

The average tornado is 50 yards wide and travels 5 miles.

Suppose a jet travels 60 kilometers in 5 minutes .How many kilometers will it travel in 2 hours?

If a jet travels 60 Kilometers in 5 Minutes Then it can be travel 7200 KiLoMeTERS IN Two HourS

What is the average speed that a tornado travels on the ground?

About 30 mph.

How far can a tornado go?

The average tornado only travels about 5 miles. But one tornado was on the ground for 219 miles.

A taxi starts from Monument Circle and travels 5 kilometers to the east for 5 minutes. Then it travels 10 kilometers to the south for 10 minutes. The taxi is moving with reference to . For each leg of?


If a cyclist travels 10000 meters in 30 minutes what is the the average speed of the bicycle in kilometers per hour?

Hint: 10000 meters = 10 km, 30 minutes = ½ hour... 10,000 meters in 30 minutes = 10 kilometers per 0.5 hour = 20 kilometers per hour

How many kilometers long are tornadoes?

There are several ways to interpret that. Path length is how far a tornado travels. The average path length is 8 kilometers, the longest was just over 350 kilometers. The shortest was just over 2 meters. Some people use the term "long" for what is more correctly the width, or diameter of a tornado. The average width is 45 meters. The smallest are just a few meters wide, the largest was 4 kilometers wide. Finally it could describe how tall the tornado is. Most tornadoes are 8 to 16 kilometers tall.

A bus traveling 8 kilometers every 5 minutes travels how many kilometers per hour?

Hint: There are 60 minutes in an hour...

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