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Q: If sin theta equals 3/4 and theta is in quadrant II what is the value of tan theta?
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How do you solve sin2 theta if sin theta equals 3 over 5 and theta is in the first quadrant?

If sin (theta) is 3/5, then sin2 (theta) is (3/5)2, or 9/25.

How do you figure this out Sin theta equals 0.0138 so theta equals what?

theta = arcsin(0.0138) is the principal value.

Tan equals 0.3421 sin equals 0.3237 Which quadrant does it terminate?

The value of tan and sin is positive so you must search quadrant that tan and sin value is positive. The only quadrant fill that qualification is Quadrant 1.

If costheta -.444 with theta in quadrant 2 find sintheta?

Since theta is in the second quadrant, sin(theta) is positive. sin2(theta) = 1 - cos2(theta) = 0.803 So sin(theta) = +sqrt(0.803) = 0.896.

In which quardant are the terminal arms of the angle lie when sin thita is less then zero and cos thita is greater then zero?

The fourth Across the quadrants sin theta and cos theta vary: sin theta: + + - - cos theta: + - - + So for sin theta < 0, it's the third or fourth quadrant And for cos theta > 0 , it's the first or fourth quadrant. So for sin theta < 0 and cos theta > 0 it's the fourth quadrant

Is it possible for sin theta cos theta and tan theta to all be negative for the same value of theta?

No, they cannot all be negative and retain the same value for theta, as is shown with the four quadrants and their trigonemtric properties. For example, in the first quadrant (0

What is the exact value of cos theta if csc theta -4 with theta in quadrant III?

csc θ = 1/sin θ → sin θ = -1/4 cos² θ + sin² θ = 1 → cos θ = ± √(1 - sin² θ) = ± √(1 - ¼²) = ± √(1- 1/16) = ± √(15/16) = ± (√15)/4 In Quadrant III both cos and sin are negative → cos θ= -(√15)/4

Tan equals 0.3421 sin equals 3237 Which quadrant does it terminate?

Assuming sin equals 0.3237, the angle is in quadrant I.

How do you find tan-theta when sin-theta equals -0.5736 and cos-theta is greater than 0?


Sin equals 0.9?

If sin(theta) is 0.9, then theta is about 64 degrees or about 116 degrees.

How do you find smallest positive value of theta to the nearest degree. When sin theta equals 0.3455?

you have to do the arcsin which is sin-1 on your calculator. i have not met anyone in my life who can do sin or arcsin in their head. not even my college teachers. your theta is equal to 20degrees

Sin theta equals zero answer in radians in terms of pi?

Theta equals 0 or pi.

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