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2x + 1

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Q: If x 2 represents an even integer which expression must represent odd integer?
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What is an Expression that must be an even integer?

If 'x' is any integer, (2x) must be an even integer, and (2x-1) must be an odd one.

What is The sum of an even integer and an even integer is?

Another even integer.

Is the sum of one odd number and one even number even or odd prove and explain in words?

The sum of an odd and an even number is odd. Any odd number can be expressed as 2n + 1 (for some integer "n"). Any even number can be expressed as 2m (for another integer, "m"). The sum of the two is 2(m+n) + 1. Since the expression in parentheses is an integer, multiplying it by 2 gives you an even number. Adding 1 makes the entire expression odd.

When factoring is 9X squared plus 6X plus 4 prime?

This is (3x +2)2 so if x is an integer/3, this expression is the square of an integer so cannot be prime. Anything else, and it's not even an integer.

What symbol represents journey?

a long path would represent journey or maybe even a globe.

Is -2 even integer or odd integer?

even integer.

What category do the numbers 581116 all fit in to?

581116 is an even integer.581116 is an even integer.581116 is an even integer.581116 is an even integer.

Is The controlling expression for a switch statement can be a char?

char is actually integer, even so they are represented with letters. Anyway, yes you can use the controlling expression of type char in switch statements.

What is the answer to 2n plus 4?

The answer can be anything! n represents any number whether an integer, irrational number, or even an imaginary number! It ll depends on what n represents or on the equality that needs to be solved.

If the sum of two consecutive even integers is -298 What are the integers?

-150, -148 To find these numbers set up an algebraic expression. The first even integer would be 2X and the next even integer would be 2X + 2 So, 2X + (2X+2) = -298 Solving for X, X = -75 So the first even integer would be 2*(-75) or -150 And the second even integer would be 2 + the first or 2+-150 or -148

What is true about every even integer?

There are many things that are ture about every even integer. For example: * An even integer divided by two will always result in an even integer.

What does the expression diploid 2n number mean to you?

Every number multiplied by 2 is an even number, so that 2n is an even number. Usually we represent an even number by 2n.